El viajero (El País): Fresh toasts for the summer

Carlos Delgado chooses 10 fresh wines to toast the summer in El Viajero of El País newspaper. Among them, our Quíbia!!! Have a good summer!!!


Elle Gourmet: Singular Wines

In the Spring edition of Elle Gourmet, Ana de Castro speaks about new wines, that are singular, authentic and that welcome you to Spring.  And there it is our AN/2 so that you change your chip!


De viajes: “the essence of the balearic island”

The magazine De Viajes suggests our AN/2 as a present for that special person or to cheer up a romantic dinner.  They describe it as a fresh wine, flavoursome with minerality that makes us experience the essence of the Balearic Island! Chin-chin! 


Marie Claire: AN/2 or the Explosion Mediterranean

In the February edition of the magazine Marie Claire, Álvaro Castro talks about our wine AN/2, the Mediterranean explosion! 
We are delighted that he likes it!


Fuera de Serie: Colours of another Planet

Federico Oldenburg talks about orange wines, blush wines and blanc de noirs… The tones go way beyond the same old choice between White, red & rosé.  Distinctive factors determine this world of colours & sensations.  And there is our Quíbia! 


Art Decanter: ÀN As the Key example of the Callet Grape

The prestgious British magazine Decanter, in its article about the 10 Spanish Grape Varieties that you must try, highlighted the Callet Grape with our ÀN as the example of purity of the varietal and emphasised the work of Ànima Negra as the driving force behind the perception of high quality of this grape variety in the World.  


La Razón: Quíbia, White wine with Black Soul

Andrés Sánchez Magro talks about Quíbia saying that the 2019 version is much more interesting & complex, thanks to the strange mixture of black and White grapes and the salinity that is tremendously characteristic of a blue wine.